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Korridor Design

Danske Korridor Design presenterer seg slik:

Korridor Design is a danish brand creating home interior and furniture. We exist to be inspired and to inspire others. It is in our DNA always to search for creativity, to recognize it when we see it and to flow with it. By creating and exploring a world of opportunities, we at Korridor aim to pass on the feelings of joy and optimism we get, when we feel truly inspired.

The aim is to create a corridor between art and interior design where art can become design objects and design objects can be turned into art. We often collaborate with selected designers.

At Korridor we love to experiment with ideas, realizing them, failing at it, growing from it, succeeding with it. We are makers, and we feel an obligation to pass on the process of what we do – not just the result. Hopefully our journey will inspire others to find their own creativity.

Bilde av Concrete Owl Tall

Korridor Design